Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

This is our cute little Valentine! He kind of looks like a girl!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Here is a Halloween picture of Parker in his Jester costume!

Brittany,Jared, and Parker Lowe

We finally are catching on with the rest of you on how to do this blog thing. We have a ton of pictures to show of our sweet baby boy but we haven't loaded them in yet. Parker was born August 10, 2008 and it was perfect! We keep saying how we wish we would have had him sooner because he is so much fun! This is the picture we sent for Christmas and it just shows you what a fun personality he has. The picture above is Parker's blessing day and we had a lot of fun with family and friends. We bought a house in North Logan and have loved having our own place for Parker to grow-up in. We have a very busy little family right now and I hope Parker won't be ruined! This is an example of a normal day for us.
5:30 Parker wakes up and wants food
6:00 Brittany begins to get ready for the day
6:30 Jared begins to get ready for the day
7:00 Jared leaves for LHS for student teaching (Spanish, PE)
7:30 Brittany and Parker leave to Mama and Papa Lowe's house
7:45 Brittany cries as she leaves Parker at Mama and Papa Lowe's house
8:15 Brittany arrives at Bridger Elementary to teach second grade (I love my class this year!)
2:00 Jared leaves to go to work at Icon
3:30 Brittany leaves work to pick up Parker
4:00 Brittany and Parker take a nap
8:00 Jared gets home and Parker usually is asleep (Sad!)
This looks crazy but we are loving every minute we have time with Parker and just want all of you to know to make every moment you have with your little ones special!