Sunday, June 14, 2009

Idaho Falls

We had a great time seeing where Burke and Hayley now live.  We have also never seen so many goslings.  They were everywhere by the falls.  It is so fun having them close to us.  


Burke and Hayley said...

Love the new post sis! Can't wait to see you in a couple of days! Love ya lots!

Bromleys said...

Hey Brittany,
Long time no see! You have the cutest family! Parker is adorable. Kids rock huh.

Josh and I are in vegas now and having a blast!

Lindsie said...

Britt~ Hello! How are you doing? Your little guy is getting so big. That's exciting you're going to have another little one!! Congrats. Hope things are well!!

Britt, Ben and Mack said...

Congrats you guys on the new baby girl to be! I am so excited for your little family!

Dennis Family said...

Yeah!! I found you! I'm so excited that you blog!! It was so fun to see you today...and I can't wait for the 25th!