Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Jared!

Jared turned the big 27 yesterday. We had family over for cake and ice cream. He works so hard for our family and is a wonderful dad and husband. The poor guy has a very pregnant wife right now so I hope he had a good birthday. I tried to be nice!!!Our baby is coming soon! We can't believe she is almost here. I'm still at a one. We had an ultra sound on Monday because she is measuring small and she weighs 6 lbs. right now. That is actually big for the Love side!

Jared loves his birthday cake and doesn't like to share so I made him two. One for the fam and one just for him! Parker loved helping him blow out the candles.


*Liese said...

What a cute wife you are to make him two cakes so he doesn't have to share. :) That's pretty awesome.

Dennis Family said...

Happy Birthday Jared!! I can't believe you guys are so close to having a little baby girl!! We are so excited for you! You will have to let us know!

Olivia Jewell said...

Happy Birtday Jared! Looks like everything is going well. I'm excited for you guys to have a new little one. :)